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Investigating Pollok of the past!

DSC_0098Introducing our fantastic student Ricker, who has come all the way from Berlin to get to know Pollok’s past!

Hi everyone! Some of you probably have seen me around Pollok during the community events organised by Pollok 80/20, in the community museum and the Pollok library. You might be wondering what I have been doing. Let me give you a wee update of what I have been working on.

Since early February I have been building a digital timeline, which will be published here on the blog. This is focused on the development of the community of  Pollok.

The timeline covers the period from 1900 to 2018 documenting the development and changes in Nether Pollok. In order to find out more about the heritage and history of Pollok, I have been going through bundles of goodies in Pollok Library and the Mitchell Library – looking for useful materials, namely newspaper articles and photographs, to be included in the digital timeline. With those resources, I have managed to plot several significant years and dates on the timeline regarding the development of Nether Pollok.

I have also been working closely with local resident Gordon Richards, who is also an invaluable member of Pollok Kist. Gordon has shared historical pictures and insight into the experience of growing up and living in Pollok.

At the end of the day, I would like to talk to as many local residents as possible to collect stories from them. I believe every single story matters as individuals create and shape the community as well as the area.
Currently, I am contacting local residents to be involved in the oral history project for the digital timeline in which they will be sharing their stories and experience related to Pollok. If you have any stories and photographs that you would like to share with us, please do not hesitate to GET IN TOUCH!

In addition to  the digital timeline, I have been preparing and organising an event, which will be held for local residents in mid April in Pollok Civic Realm. Details HERE!


1 thought on “Investigating Pollok of the past!”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the event at the Pollok Realm on the 10th April 2018.All the organisers were so friendly and helpful. The two film shows were a blast from the past so I am giving my age away here. Free tea and cake at the cafe rounded off a really good show.


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