In a nutshell, Pollok 80/20 is a new community led initiative that will celebrate the history of Pollok’s community and begin work to shape its future.

1937 saw the first turf cut for Damshot in Old Pollok, following the sale of the land by the Stirling-Maxwell family to Glasgow Corporation. Sir John Stirling-Maxwell  had some  extremely ambitious aspirations for the area, and the communities he hoped would flourish there.

Fast forward to 2017, and the experiences of some of those calling Pollok home over the past 80 years may not have lived up to that original idealistic vision. There has always been plenty of people working extremely hard to enhance the community, but presently there is no clear strategy on how to bring these efforts together to support, celebrate, and build upon all of the amazing things that Pollok can, and will, be.

Pollok 80/20 has been established to devise a 20 year plan for the area, seeking to improve the experiences, and outcomes of people living in Pollok.  What will this community look like in 2037? How will it feel to live here? How will it become a more confident, resilient community?

At the heart of these considerations, the community must have a greater say on future planning, development and regeneration within the area.  Pollok 80/20 has been funded for an initial 6 month phase by the Scottish Government, Aspiring Communities Fund. During this period we’ll be seeking to gather the insight of as many people of Pollok as possible. The information, ideas, and strategies emerging from this first phase will inform any future funding applications, so we hope you’ll add your voice to this conversation!

If you have any questions, or just want to get involved then please get in touch!

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