80/20 Updates, Pollok Present

Pollok’s Brilliant *FREE* Breakfast! Fri 15th December

Pollok 80/20's very first FREE Brilliant Breakfast will be held from 9 - 11.30am on Friday 15th December at the Village Story Telling Centre -  69 Langton Rd, Glasgow G53 5DD This will be the first of our series of get together's for the people of Pollok. If you live or work here, then come… Continue reading Pollok’s Brilliant *FREE* Breakfast! Fri 15th December

80/20 Updates

Welcome to the 80/20 blog!!

It's our very first blog post!!   Pollok 80/20 has had an extremely busy month! With brand new staff taking up post at the beginning of the month we've hit the ground running; making some amazing connections in the area, starting lots of conversations (which will continue and grow over time to come), holding our… Continue reading Welcome to the 80/20 blog!!