The Pollok Quest 2018!

A self-led adventure exploring Pollok! (5)

We hope that the Quest will be enjoyable and informative for families with kids in Pollok, but it is completely open to everyone (even big kids…) from anywhere! You can pick up & return your Quest Scroll at;

If you happen to have an A3 printer you can print this Pollok Quest sheet A3 yourself. Or on an A4 printer, you can print Pollok Quest Sheets A4 1 of 2 & Pollok Quest Sheets A4 2 of 2

Complete as many of the challenges as you can, return your scroll to one of the places listed above (before 4.30pm on Monday 16th), and you will be entered into Pollok 80/20’s prize draw! There is a grand prize of £100 vouchers (!!) which one lucky explorer (who lives in the Pollok area) will be awarded. There are many other prizes on offer too – like free tickets to RYZE and FLIP OUT!  and anyone who takes part in the Quest has a chance to win these. *


Where you see a QR code you can use your phone camera to scan this to unlock bonus content! Most phones will scan these codes automatically.
Check out your Quest map below – or follow the link HERE.
blogquest (2).jpg

*Many thanks to RYZE & FLIP OUT for providing these prizes!